'Water Dragons' Heat 2018 – October 2018

'Water Dragons' Heat 2018 – October 2018

We hosted the Future Water Association's Water Dragons Heat at Durham University, on Wednesday 10th October 2018.  Keynote speakers for the day were Steph Hurry - Waterwise, Richard Whale - Atkins, Chris Jones - Northumbrian Water and Clair Cooper - Durham University.

We had eight fantastic businesses pitching their innovations for the Water industry, 4 of which focused on saving water including low-flow showers, gravity-fed rainwater harvesting, a water swelling liner to capture and slowly release water in hanging baskets and a way to flush sewers without wasting potable water.

We also featured the opportunity for businesses to trial their proof of concepts which included water dispersable wipes, IoT-enabled rainwater management, software to optimise wastewater dosing and a method to repair leaking pipes.

After careful deliberation the judges deemed their winner as Reece Innovation.  The audience also had the opportunity to vote for their best product and they voted for Raindrop Harvest!  Both businesses will be invited to the Future Water Association's final in 2019.

The winners of the Proof of Concept competition were awarded to Twipes for their truly flushable wipe and Over the Air Analytics for their smart water management system.

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