The Opportunity
Come and explore with us how we could use the heat and energy from the mine water treatment plant at Horden Colliery, East Durham.

This heated water has many potential uses as an energy source, for example in heat networks, or in horticulture. If harnessed, the mines could once again deliver huge benefits to the local area. There are businesses in the region and beyond with ideas and technologies that could support this transformation – we want you to be part of the solution!

Who should attend
The event is designed to showcase the opportunities of heat and energy recovery from mine water at Horden and provide an opportunity for discussion. Our intention is to build a network of people and organisations with an interest in converting the opportunities at Horden into action and to leverage against current offers of investment at the site to accelerate change.

The event will be informal, participative, and orientated to the needs and ideas of the businesses and communities who attend. There are no right or wrong solutions, and there is no intention to act on behalf of partners, businesses or communities, rather to support and facilitate action.

Overview of the day
We willl be running a morning and afternoon session where you can visit the Horden site and discuss the opportunities and route to action. There will be two consecutive sessions, split in the middle of the day by lunch, as follows:
1. Site visit to Horden and Dawdon to provide an overview of the site, wider infrastructure and location
2. Market stall event to provide insight into some of the opportunities identified for the site.
3. Facilitated discussion to understand attendees interest in the site and their thoughts on the best purpose for development, captured for future use

Get involved
Attendance is free.  Details will follow shortly.
There are a limited number of spaces for exhibits. If you are interested, please contact [email protected] for more details.